Kite Warranty

Dear customer, congratulation on your choice of CrazyFly kite.

This warranty is valid only if the kite is used for recreation and excludes products used in teaching or rental operations or similar.

Warranty period

Duration of warranty is one year since the date of purchase. This warranty commitment does not cover any claim that is beyond our warranty limit.

Online product registration may qualify your kite for an industry leading three years warranty. Follow instructions here:

This kite is warranted only to the original owner.
The warranty applies only to the first case of warranty.
Repaired, discounted or replaced kite is covered only for the remainder of the original warranty.
If a believed claim defect or damage is detected, please submit your claim immediately:

Submit Claim

We are sorry to see you here. To submit your warranty claim, please follow these steps:

Please contact your retailer (the shop where you purchased your CrazyFly product) and send by email:

  1. Serial number of the claimed product.
  2. Photo or video documentation of the problem.
  3. Proof of purchase (receipt, invoice etc.)

The retailer will solve your claim with support from CrazyFly as soon as possible.

CrazyFly will make the final warranty decision, whether repair, reduction in price, or replacement. Final warranty decision will be made after careful inspection of photos and videos of the damaged equipment which have to display the serial number of the kite as well. The kite can be returned if the authorization by CrazyFly is given to you. If CrazyFly gives the authorization to return the product, the customer is responsible to prepay all the shipping costs and insure the package. Shipping charges are not refundable. CrazyFly is responsible for return shipping and insurance costs to the customer. All warranty claims must be accompanied by purchase receipt or invoice, which has to clearly state the name of the retailer, CrazyFly product and the date of purchase from your dealer.

Covered by warranty:

Not covered by warranty: