Our vision is clear. Inspiring. Innovative. Incredible.

Take a look into the future of CrazyFly kiteboarding. Kites have been produced almost the same way for over twenty years. With today’s technology, it is time to challenge the old ways and bring out the new never before seen wonders in kiteboarding.

Vision iS

Needleless sewing.

The vision iS can open up new doors to multiple major changes in kite production as we know it today. It is trying to overcome the most tradition part of kite production - sewing. Vision iS is all about losing the needle. Imagine a kite without threads, without needle holes. Stronger, lighter, better.

Vision iB

No bladder needed.

In combination with Vision iS, the vision iB is challenging another tradition part of current kite construction – Bladders. Why does a kite need to have a bladder inside? We do not think it is necessary. The future kites could be seamless with the inflatable frame made with an airtight material. Without bladders inside.

Vision iL

Feather light.

As light as a feather. The vision iL is all about being light weight. An inflatable kite able to relaunch in 5-6 knots, or less. Impossible? We do not think so. By combining multiple aspects of our Visions, the ultra light kites could soon be a reality.

Vision iU


Will we ever see an unbreakable kite? We believe it is possible. With new materials and innovations such as our Visions iS and iB, we could achieve an unbreakable kite. The drive to make long lasting kites has always been in the heart of our business. Remember, there is no planet B.

3 years warranty

Since 2019, all CrazyFly kites and kiteboards, have an industry leading three years warranty.

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