In Our House

Welcome to the most eco friendly kite and kiteboard production

CrazyFly factory

Welcome to the most eco friendly kite and kiteboard production located in Slovakia, where all CrazyFly products are made with passion, care for nature, and at the highest possible quality.

Pure kiteboarding

Since August 2013 we have moved our production and offices into a brand new building. The new factory was completely custom designed and built according to our needs. This gave us complete freedom and opened unlimited possibilities for improvements. We are the only factory in Europe which is completely specialized in kiteboarding products manufacture.

Eco friendly production

Ever since we have decided to build our own place, we wanted to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Our sport relies purely on nature and its elements, so as a kiteboarding products manufacturer, we feel responsible for the environment.

Hand made with passion.

Unmatched quality

It has always been our philosophy to make high quality products and with the new factory we are able to exploit this philosophy more than ever before. Since August 2013 we have been implementing new technologies and machinery, which enable us to push the quality of CrazyFly products to unmatched level.

Kites, Boards, Bars, Bindings

All 2017 kites are now made in Europe in our own factory along with the rest of the 2017 product range. Due to new technologies and machinery, our quality and efficiency have both increased dramatically. These factors allowed us to manufacture more products under one roof. We are proud to be the first and only kiteboarding manufacturer in Europe producing all our products in our own factory.

We do it all for you

Producing in our own factory does not always give us a cost advantage, but it always ensures high quality, flexibility and independence. These factors, especially quality are more important for us than costs.

We are looking forward to exploiting the possibilities our factory has given us for the future.

Quality you can trust.