Innovations that we created.

In search for the lightest kiteboard construction we created our own innovations. Next innovations were created in kite production when we started our own kite factory. We completely reinvented how kites are made. We never stop searching for new materials and technologies. Since 1999 we created numerous innovations.

Carbon experts

Over 20 years of carbon production.

We have been working with carbon since day one back in 1999 and have continued to use carbon daily ever since. CrazyFly was one of the first brands to make twin tip kiteboards with full carbon layup. We are in love with this high end material which comes in various forms and is truly irreplaceable for many parts of kiteboarding gear. Nowadays you can find carbon in twintips, surfboards, control bars, hydrofoils, and fins. Over the years, we have become experts in working with carbon. We strive to improve the carbon technology and create lighter, stronger and more durable products with outstanding performance.

Kite materials

The strongest and most durable.

In 2017 when we started our own kite factory in Europe, we were able to select the best materials on the market available for kite production from industry leading cloth manufacturers. This trend has continued until today and we are still using the strongest and most durable products out there.

Kite construction


Kites have been produced almost the same way for over twenty years. Opening our own kite factory gave us unlimited options to challenge the old ways of kite manufacturing. By implementing numerous innovations, we achieved a much stronger kite structure with next level performance and long lasting durability backed up by the only three years warranty on the market.

Board construction

Always one step ahead.

We have always been one step ahead of the competition when it comes to board’s construction. Our state of the art machine and latest high tech materials result in unmatched construction of CrazyFly boards.

3 years warranty

Since 2019, all CrazyFly kites and kiteboards, have an industry leading three years warranty.

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