Video Contest

CrazyFly has decided to start another video competition where you can win a brand new Sculp kite made in Europe

Answer the following questions:

1. How many times, does our Pro rider Marie-Lou Fourre appear in this video?

Tolerance +/- 3 appearances

2. In which country of the European Union are 2017 CrazyFly kites made?

Hint, visit:

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Please send your answer including your full name and complete address to:

All e-mails must be sent until 30th April 2017. Only correct answers will be entered into the final drawing of the winner. The winner will be selected randomly from all the correct answers and notified by e-mail from CrazyFly.

Useful tips

The rules of the competition

In order to be registered for this competition you must send an e-mail to with your answers to the contest questions, your full name and complete address. Otherwise your e-mail is considered as void and you will not be registered for the competition.

You are only registered for this competition if you receive a confirmation e-mail from CrazyFly informing you about this. All answers must be sent before the deadline date (30th April 2017) to be valid for this contest.

You can only enter the contest once. We will only count your first answer / entry to the contest.

By registering for this competition, you certify that you have read, understood, and agreed to the rules of this competition.

If you win the prize, you will receive an e-mail from CrazyFly informing you about this.