Thomas Gaunt


Name: Thomas Gaunt
Country: Scotland
Age: 29
Years kiteboarding: 15
Disciplines: New school
Favorite tricks: Anything with power and style.
Favorite spots: Anywhere with a good crew!
Riding spots: Currently in Antigua.. Previously - All over Australia. And of course nothing beats a session back at home in Troon.
Favorite kiteboard: CrazyFly '14 Nuke
Favorite kite: 14' Sculp
Hobbies: I've been into sport from a very young age and there's not much I can't play - It is hard keeping hobbies going when you're travelling. Back in Scotland I enjoy playing a little bit of rugby, the occasional round of golf & smacking some tennis balls! When the snow's there, I enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding as well.
Favorite music: Depends on the mood!
Favorite movie: Kite movie? Island Time.