Taylor Mier


Name: Taylor Mier
Country: USA
Age: 16
Years kiteboarding: 4
Disciplines: new school, old school, and waves
Favorite tricks: Backrolls, Front rolls, Grabs, S-bends blind, toeside, kiteloops, Board offs, Handlepasses and leaening more and more
Favorite spots: All over La. Grand Isle, La. (Elmer’s Island), Cypremort Point La., Corpus Christi Tx, Aruba
Riding spots: Cypremort Point La., Elmer’s Island, and all over Texas
Favorite kiteboard: Addict 136 w/Boots, Raptor 135 w/Hexa bindings
Favorite kite: Tango 10.5
Hobbies: Kiteboarding, Gaming, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hunting and Fishing
Favorite music: Hip Hop, like the beat. Good for videos. Oh, Country music, if with my Dad
Favorite movie: Transformers, Star Wars, and ALL kiteboarding videos