Laci Kobulsky


Name: Laci Kobulsky
Country: Slovakia
Age: 33
Years kiteboarding: 13
Disciplines: New school & sometimes Old school
Favorite tricks: Every season different! From new school 313 grab and from old school big backroll 5
Favorite spots: Prasonisi (Greece), Soma Bay (Egypt) & hopefully more
Riding spots: Prasonisi (Greece), Soma Bay (Egypt)
Favorite kiteboard: CrazyFly Pro Tour Model 139
Favorite kite: CrazyFly Tango
Hobbies: All extreme sports that have tricks! Snowboarding, kite, breakdance etc. Apart from that I like photo & videography, books and time with good friends on the beach :)
Favorite music: Slovak rap! I'm super serious
Favorite movie: V for Vendetta, but talking kite I love Hidden Lines!