Killian Dumont


Name: Killian Dumont
Country: France
Age: 25
Years kiteboarding: 11
Disciplines: Surf, new school, freestyle
Favorite tricks: Backmobe, flat 3, ollie 180, surf back roll grab
Favorite spots: The Swimming Pool, One Eye - Mauritius, Dakhla, Cap Town
Riding spots: Kerhilio, Gavres, Quiberon
Favorite kiteboard: ATV 5.10 / Addict 139x42
Favorite kite: Tango 9m
Hobbies: Kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing
Favorite music: Hip Hop, Reggae, eye of the tiger - Survivor
Favorite movie: The Martian, Avatar, I am Legend, The Lord of the Rings